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I went out on the boat yesterday. I took so many pictures I don't know which ones to post!

Well, we did see orcas, and I've been wanting to see them all year, so to start, I'll give you this little video.

These guys were members of the resident AE pod, which actually has about 20 animals. They're the ones we see most often out there. Usually they're pretty friendly and will come up to the boat and swim underneath, but they were being pretty elusive yesterday. The one with the tall, straight dorsal fin is one of the biggest males in the pod. The others with him were all females or young ones.

We also saw a bear... )

And here are a few of the mountains and scenery around town. It's been rainy and foggy for the past 2 weeks straight, but a few days ago it started clearing up in bits and pieces. Bits and pieces... )


Jun. 21st, 2008 08:26 am
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Pictures of Summer! And Alaska!

More in the Back! )
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A couple more photos...just a rose given to me by [livejournal.com profile] getting_weary.

Still-Life Rose...oh how poetic )
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More pictures!

No naked pictures this time...really, you shouldn't even bother. )

That's it for now! Expect more pictures, because I'm a photo fiend!
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Pictures of Summer just after she came home from the vet's two weeks ago (after getting spayed.)
Poor subdued girl... )
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More pictures of the doggeh!

Silly Girl )
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I thought some of you might enjoy some photos. They were all taken by my mom.

These five landscape photos were taken in my aunt's driveway when we went there for New Year's. She has the best view ever from her living room windows.
Pictures! )

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