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[livejournal.com profile] getting_weary and I got back from Anchorage yesterday around 4. We had the best trip ever. We only got lost once, and we weren't really lost, we just followed the detour signs in a complete circle. Everyone was out of Anchorage for the holiday weekend, which was strange, but also wonderful, because it meant traffic wasn't bad and we got a great parking space at every store we went to.

We didn't feel rushed at all, either. We got to town, rested at the hotel for a couple hours, then we went to the mall next to the hotel for a while, then the gigantic liquor store across the street (where we got the makings of gin and tonic, and I got some Reisling and some sort of sherry stuff), then Bed, Bath, and Beyond. We ordered a pizza (stuffed crust with pepperoni - our Anchorage tradition) and took it back to the hotel to gorge and fall asleep. The next day we went to the other mall and I got my haircut, my jeans, and my bras, the three main reasons I wanted to go to Anchorage. My 3 pairs of jeans, one pair of capris, and 3 bras only cost me $163 at Penney's. I went up another pant size, but I don't even care because these jeans are so comfy and they make my ass look GOOD. But I would like to mention that bra shopping SUCKS BALLS. But I won't dwell on that, because it was not a significant part of our trip.

We went to Borders and I got 3 new books, then [livejournal.com profile] getting_weary treated me to dinner at Chilis, then we went to Walmart. I got beads (though I haven't done anything with beads for years) and some movies (Labyrinth and Willow!) and - get this - my VERY FIRST STRAPLESS BRA! I am a sexy beast.

So, yep. Pretty good trip, all around. :) Didja miss me, LJ?
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So. Back from Anchorage.


It started out with [livejournal.com profile] getting_weary saying a couple weeks ago that she was thinking of going to Anchorage to get her hair cut and would I like to go with her?

Sure, said I, for I needed a haircut as well.

After much planning and re-planning and rehashing and gnashing of teeth, which I will spare you because it is long and complicated, yesterday morning at about 7:15, she came to pick me up at my house and we drove to Anchorage, arriving at around 12:30 Holy run-on sentence, Batman.

We checked into the hotel, which is right across from one of the malls. We shopped. I bought a shirt and a CD and shoes. We took a break and went back to the hotel and rented a movie on the in-room movie service (The Devil Wears Prada). She then took me out to dinner (Mexican, right across from the hotel) and got pleasantly buzzed (me, on a mango margarita and she on a daquiri). We then headed over to Walmart for some "drunken shopping." I got a new purse (as the clasp on my other one is broken), an eyelash curler (shut up), a DVD, and a toy for Summer. Then we got back to the hotel (and the comfy, comfy, ohsocomfy hotel beds--no, really, I'm serious) and went to bed.

Woke up this morning around 8 and kicked around the room for a bit, got some continental breakfast, and then headed across the street to Petco (more to kill time than anything else, as the liquor store next door didn't open till 10) and had a wonderful time looking at the ferrets and birds and fish and cats and hamsters and orangutans, and sloths, and breakfast cereals and frogs and stuff. There was one lunatic little dwarf hamster whose tiny hamster mind had obviously snapped, because his entire hamster day consisted of this:

HAMSTER: *runs to food dish, leaps inside, runs to house, runs to exercise wheel*


HAMSTER: *catapults himself from wheel, runs to food dish, leaps inside, runs to house, runs to exercise wheel*


HAMSTER: *catapults himself from wheel, runs to food dish, leaps inside, runs to house, runs to exercise wheel*


US: Okayyyy...movin' on.

We went to the liquor store (a Mecca, as [livejournal.com profile] getting_weary called it, and she was right) and she picked up some wine for her mom and I got some pomegranate liqueur for my mom, as today is her 29th birthday, and then we headed to the other mall.

We spent sometime trying to find a hair salon that would do our haircuts simultaneously, as we were one a bit of a schedule, but all the salons had only one stylist available, so I went to one salon and she went to the other. Our haircuts got done at about the same time, and, I might add, we look FABULOUS.

And then we shopped some more, and I got some more tops and a pair of jeans that actually FITS. And then we ate lunch at Red Robin and drove home. Got here around 7:30.

And here I am.

And it is good.

And I'm a little nervous because I start my new job tomorrow so I'm a little worried that they won't like me and hiring me was a mistake and I'll flub something up or burn down a building but it's okay I'm good I'm fine I'm okay no problem man I'm fine.
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We're back! Mom drove the whole way up and back, so she's beat, and for some reason I'm tired too, but I am babysitting Ethan at 6 tonight. The service was nice (in a Baptist sort of way), though a little heavy on the prayers and hymns (which I guess could be defined as the Baptist sort of way...). It was really nice seeing my cousins, some whom I've not seen for several years. Last time I saw Elizabeth and Victoria ("The Queens," as we call them), they were 5 and 3...now they're "seven and a half" and "five and an inch." I asked if they remembered me and Elizabeth said, "Yes. Victoria, do you remember cousin Nelli? I fell asleep on her last time." I remember that, too. My arm hurt for 3 days.

My cousin who lives with Grandma and her daughter (who is very autistic) made it up from Oregon, and J. remembered my name and was very excited to see me again, and even held several conversations with me, which is progress, since she's usually very withdrawn. As soon as she saw me she said, "Melly! Melly!" and gave me a hug, and later when we all went to the house she said "Nelli! Play with me!" Her mom told me she'd be going "Nelli my cousin! Nelli my cousin!" before we got there, too.

The Queens and John (who is 8 or so, I guess...3rd grade, at any rate) were being very rambunctious last night in the chapel (after the service, during the potluck), and in the house where everyone except us was staying, and this morning when we went by to visit before coming home. The Queens' dad took the girls outside to play, since it was warm enough to snow, and I asked John if he wanted to go outside too.

Me: Aren't you going to go out and play with the girls?

John: *drily* I'm not really an Outside person.


It was really cold upcountry...-50 last night. It warmed up to about -20 this morning. Now we're back home, where it's a balmy 0 degrees farenheit. Ahh, blessed warmth.

We also took Summer with us, and I think she is glad to be home, too, where her paws don't hurt when she goes outside. I guess this would be where we annouce that we've decided to keep her (though mom says she may change her mind if Summer chews up anything vital).

I am very glad to be home.

P.S. Thank you all for your consideration and thoughts on my painting ideas. I believe I will do dancers, costumed either in authentic cultural dress or something a little more fantastic. I may only do 2 larger paintings or one huge one, so I can get more detail in. *hugs*
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I had a strange dream last night. I don't remember many details, but I was on a trip with Keely and some people from the maid job (it was kinda like a school trip, only not) and the purpose of our travels was to meet some people I'd met on the internet. We were staying in a classroom, and one by one people would drop by and introduce themselves.

One of my LJ friends had, for some reason, been talking to Keely on the phone, and said something about her being his "little wafer." Whatever-the-fuck that means.

So, at one point, there was a knock on the door to our classroom, and I answered. There was a girl standing there. I could tell it was a girl because it had breasts. She was dressed all in black leather and was holding a paper cutout of a flower in front of her face. She said, "I am here for my master. He is hungry. Are you his little wafer?"

I pointed at Keely and asked "If your master is so hungry, why doesn't he get a steak or something? Do wafers really work for him?"

Paper Flower girl moved the flower away from her face. Her hair was dyed black and cut very short and sleek, and she wore black eyeliner and lipstick. She smiled. "Come with me," she said to Keely.

Keely came back a while later. She said they'd talked for a while, but he'd made no mention of wafers in her presence.

He came to visit me a little later, and was a little shorter than me, very wiry, and very tan. He looked a little like some sort of weird puppet version of Crocodile Dundee.
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Mom and I are back from our mini-trip.

Yesterday we drove toward Sauk City and stopped at the Madison Zoo, though it was kinda late when we got there and only an hour before closing, so all we really saw were the 5 lion cubs (very cute, about half grown, jumping on each other and chewing each other's ears) and the parent lions, a bunch of Colobus monkeys and some ring-tailed lemurs, rhinos, giraffes, and bison. But that's okay. We went to the capital building and went inside (where the guard glared at us) and walked all the way around the outside. Then we went on, and stopped at Olive Garden for dinner because mom'd never been there.

We got to Suellen's house around 8:30 last night and she and Andy had gone out, so we went in and made ourselves at home, and then when they came home we talked for a long while. It was nice to see them again and Suellen is the nicest person in the history of the world.

Then this morning we went to the Wollersheim Winery Grapestomp Festival 2005! It was fun. We tasted wine (and bought an entire case of River Gold) and watched a Kid's Circus and a couple competitive grape stomps. Then on the way home, we stopped at the Frank Lloyd Wright visitor's center and drove by the House on the Hill, but didn't see much. It was a very nice little trip.

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