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Last night around 5 my smoke alarm started chirping. You know, the noise it makes when it thinks it's running out of batteries? Yeah, that. Every 30 seconds or so..."chirp." "chirp." "chirp." It's annoying and it was driving the dog crazy.

The reason it was so annoying is because I can't reach the smoke alarm. It's on the wall right underneath my vaulted ceiling, which is about 12 feet up. I can't even get close to it if I stand on a chair.

Since my building manager is often in her office until 6 or 7 on weekdays, I put Sum in her leash and we walked over.

I had forgotten that, on Fridays, she's only in her office until noon. I filled out a maintenance slip and put it through the mail slot, resigned to living with the chirping until Monday.

Oddly, the chirping doesn't seem to be regular. It was at first, definitely. Every 30 seconds. Then, after a couple hours, I realized it hadn't chirped in about 15 minutes. Of course, soon after I thought that, it started up its every 30 seconds thing again. For about an hour. Then it started doing it once every 10 minutes or so.

I wasn't really looking forward to trying to sleep with that going on, but we went into the bedroom early last night and closed the door (which we usually don't do). Summer was still sort of freaking out every once in a while, pacing, looking for the beeping ninja and staring at me with her ears back and a look of bewilderment in her eyes.

Around 10:30, I realized there was no more beeping. Summer was curled up on the floor, sleeping soundly, and I decided to put my book aside and fall asleep as well.

At 2am, I was awakened. Not by a beeping, but by something that sounded like slapping and gulping.

It was Summer, violently and constantly licking her nose. She'd stick out her tongue and slap it across her nostrils, making a popping noise. She did it again and again, while standing my bed, panting. Her ears were tucked back but her tail started wagging when she saw me open my eyes, even if my first words were less than comforting: "WHAT? Dammit, really? Seriously??"

I reacted thus because that's what Summer does when she's not feeling well and wants to go outside and eat grass. It usually means she's trying to keep from throwing up.

I stumbled out of bed and put on some pants and a wool shirt, pulled on my down coat and stuck her in her harness, grumbling the whole while. When Sum gets like that, there's nothing to do but let her eat grass. I know it's not really good to let dogs eat grass, but it seems to help her settle her stomach when she gets like that.

We went downstairs and she immediately went at the lawn like a hungry sheep, pulling up tufts of greenery and licking her nose in between. After about 3 minutes, I made her come upstairs.

I tried to get her to drink some water, but she kept going back to the door and staring at it, then looking at me with big eyes. Then she'd lick her nose again. "Mom, this is the noise you have to look forward to if you don't take me out again."

I'm probably a sucker, but I took her back outside. That time we walked around the building, and she was munching on grass the entire way. When we finally got back inside, I crawled back in bed and she stood beside me. She was still licking her nose, but not constantly, so I knew she was feeling better. I ignored her and eventually she lay down on the floor and I heard her sigh. Her nose-slaps were becoming fewer and fewer.

This morning, I woke up to a chirping sound. Summer was sleeping next to me in bed, but she raised her head and looked around; the ninja was back! It chirped a couple more times and then stopped. We fell back asleep.

A couple hours later, we woke up again. The alarm beeped once, then stopped. It hasn't made a sound since, but I'm not expecting it to hold its silence forever. I'm sort of tired, not because I didn't get enough sleep (I overslept way more than is usual for me today!) but because it was interrupted. I'm spending the day trying to do homework. I forgot just how much I dislike homework! This will definitely take more getting used to!

Summer is fine this morning. She ate her dog food with no trouble, drank some water, and has been alternately napping and bugging me to go play with her. My little angel.
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Last night was okay, though there WERE quite a few fireworks. They started at about 10:30. When I took Summer out for her before-bed potty, she managed to squeeze out some pee before a firecracker exploded in the next block, at which point she tucked her tail and RAN back up the stairs. A little after midnight, I took her out again, thinking the fireworks were done, but once I finally coaxed her down the steps, a single pop echoed through the night and she ran right upstairs again.

As I lay in bed reading, she kept walking around, looking alertly out the windows. I tried getting her to lay down with me and relax, but she would just stand by my bed and stare at me like, "Are you KIDDING? WHY ARE YOU IN BED? WE'RE UNDER ATTACK!"

However, when I woke up this morning, I saw she was right in her normal place, curled up by my legs. And if she was curled up a little closer than usual, well...I guess that's forgivable.

In other news, it is raining great guns here and blowing like crazy. I have to drive into Portland a little later to hang out at a friend's house. I'm sort of tempted to call her and tell her I can't make it, but I've already made the cookies and, really, it'll be good for me to go socialize for a while. Plus, I haven't seen this particular friend in years, so...I guess I'll grin and bear the drive and try to get home before it gets too late!
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We left off, last time, right before Summer was injured. As most of you know, she was injured from jamming a stick down her throat and creating a hole in her soft palate. Afterward, she started vomiting blood (and everything else she'd eaten that day). It was scary, even though she seemed to be staying fairly calm throughout, and was obviously able to breathe.

A couple days later, as we were unsuccessful in our efforts to get her to eat, we took her to another vet to get a feeding tube installed.

As you can see, she was thrilled. Oh, the Thrill of it all! )

And next time I'll show you some pictures of McMinnville itself, as well as the apartment I'm in. I hope you've enjoyed this episode of Picspam by Nelli.
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Today will be my last Saturday at work.

Have I mentioned yet how bummed I am? I'm REALLY going to miss this job. I love what I do, I love my boss, I love the people I work with...I love feeling like I'm good at something. And yet, this moving thing is something I have to do. I just hope I can find something down in Oregon that I enjoy as much as I enjoy this job.

Anyway, I am going to work today, but there's a football game this afternoon and I'm the only one available to work the board. Laurie gave me the morning off so I can work on packing and cleaning and stuff. I'm having tons of fun.

I don't think I've ever heard anyone say "I LOVE packing!" but I'm not sure anyone hates packing as much as I do. I've gotten to that point where most of what's left is odds and ends that don't have any set box to go into, so I don't know where to put it. Mostly it'll come down to "Which box still has room in it?"

It was actually sunny here yesterday so after work I put Summer in the car and we went to the beach where she could play in the water and run around. Then I drove home on "back roads," stopping every once in a while to look out at the port. I admit it, I shed a few tears. I'm really going to miss it here.

Days like yesterday are pretty rare, weather-wise, and they're really what makes living here worth it. Those few jewel-like days are what we wait for all year. I kind of hope that, the day mom and I drive out, the weather is crappy. I think that will make it easier to go.

It's starting to feel more real. I'm hoping to finish up with the trailer by Monday morning at the latest. Then mom and I are leaving on the 8th or 9th. The fear of the unknown is starting to creep up on me (not to mention the sadness). I have friends and family in Oregon and I'm definitely looking forward to being closer to them. But then, there's something that's really nice about being able to drive 15 minutes and see mom, or 10 minutes to see Becky. And then, and this probably sounds dumb, I'm really going to miss Beck's pets! When you miss people, you can at least pick up the phone and call them. But with animals, the way they communicate is by cuddling. I know her dog Halle is going to miss me. She loves to curl up on me and snuggle, and apparently she doesn't do that very often with other people. Not to mention, Summer will miss Halle, and the cats, and mom's cat Ink. She makes friends fast, but it's not easy to explain to a dog why she can't see her old friends anymore. Sum's already starting to exhibit clingy behavior; she knows something is up.

I started this post intending to say something like, "Hey all, I'm still here and still alive!" and that's it. Apparently this word vomit just needed to come out.

Now it's back to work. Packing is the life for me.
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More pictures!

No naked pictures this time...really, you shouldn't even bother. )

That's it for now! Expect more pictures, because I'm a photo fiend!
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My camera came today! And so, as promised, a naked picture!

Oooh, the temptation! )
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So, I bought some clippers to shave Summer (the gal who shaved her last year never called me back, and I figured it would be cheaper in the long run to do it myself than keep paying someone $60). They arrived last week and I took them tentatively to my dog, who proved fairly...squirmy. As I didn't have anything to tie her to, I was having to hold her with one arm around her tummy, and attempt to shave with the other. The results were fairly predictable...she came out looking rather mangy. Of course, that was largely due to the roughly symmetrical spots on either side of her rump that the vet shaved down to the skin due to her hot spots.

Anyway, today we went out to mom's, and I brought the clippers in the hopes that mom could help me hold Sum and I could do a better job of evening things up. It being a lovely day, mom spent most of it out in her garden, and though she'd said she would help me, I thought "Hm, if I can get mah doggeh to lay on her side while I soothed her with gentle words, I could probably do this myself!" So I took her out on the deck and laid her down, and actually managed to do a pretty good job of her back and sides before she became intolerant of the process again.

For the next two hours, I had to fight the urge to burst into tears whenever I looked at her.

The thing about Summer is, she is a red dog. But if you get down to her undercoat, she's almost white. So I had a bright white short-haired dog with a red head, tail, and legs, and long reddish feathers on her underside.

When mom came up for dinner (I made her creamy chicken enchiladas), she insisted that Summer already looked better than she had when we arrived. Then we took her onto the deck, this time weilding treats, and went for the underside.

The final result, after a few little trims with the scissors, is a bright white short-haired dog with a red head, tail, and lower legs. At least she looks more even than before (though not totally; the folds of skin on her neck were really hard and they kind of look like ruffled feathers) and well, fur DOES grow back. She'll get cold more easily now and I'll have to be on the lookout for sunburn, but...at least I know now kind of what works and what doesn't. I guess we'll see how I do next time.

Also, apropos of nothing, I'm pretty sure she, at some point, 1) left the state and journeyed down to someplace where there are skunks, and 2) ATE a skunk, because she 3) keeps farting and it SMELLS like a skunk. And it seems to startle her. She'll be lying there and all of a sudden I'll hear "preeeeeeeep!" and she'll look behind her really fast like "WHO'S THERE?" And then the sweet aroma of skunk comes out of nowhere and knocks me flat like a Mack truck.
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I almost strangled my dog a couple days ago.

We (Nina and myself) took Summer and Zoe for a walk up Dock Point, which is a nice trail above the harbor. At the top of the hill, there's a boardwalk that takes you to two lookouts over the Port. There is a fence, and on the other side of the fence is a couple feet of ground followed by a near-sheer dropoff of 20 to 40 feet or so.

So of course Summer got around the fence and down the cliff almost immediately.

She didn't fall down, she ran down, and when I looked over I could see how she had done that. However, it was steep enough that she couldn't get back up, so there was my moron dog on a ledge about 5 feet above the water, running back and forth, attempting to get back up. Everytime she tried to climb, she'd slip back down.

There was a tree sticking out the side of the cliff, so I sat on my butt and inched forward, planning to brace myself on the tree, lean over, and grab the scruff of her neck the next time she tried to climb up. I was about halfway to the tree when Nina said, "She's back up here now!" Summer then came up behind me as I was inching backward onto solid ground again and almost pushed me off the cliff.

Nina said later that she'd been thinking, "Crap, Nelli's gonna fall and die and here I am, without a cell phone. I'm gonna have to walk all the way back down to the harbor to call an ambulance, then all the way back up the hill to show them where you were."

I apologised (with considerable sarcasm) for almost ruining her day.

On a cooler note, I drove out Dayville Road earlier that same day and saw a sow and cub brown bear on the side of the road. Oddly, I think it's possibly the first brown bear I've ever seen in this area. I knew they were here, of course, but I usually see blackies.
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Look, I'm posting!

Don't have much to say. Summer is going pretty well, so far. Busy, though. We started up the Fishing Reports, which is when those of us at the radio take turns going down to the docks with a recorder and interviewing people who went fishing. ...



Oh man. It's hard to type when you're holding a shirt over your nose.

Anyway, tonight's my night (one of 'em...my other night is Tuesday) to go to the harbor. I usually go at around 6:30 or 7. The hardest part for me is approaching people, but usually I'll just look for a clump of people gathered around a cleaning table. If they're cleaning fish (or watching fish get cleaned) I'll say, "Looks like you had some luck today." Then I'll ask if they want to talk to me. Most of the time, people are pretty nice and do it, and even when they refuse, they're generally nice about it.

It's halibut season right now, and the halibut derby is in full swing. So far, the top fish on the leaderboard is a 274.5 pounder, followed by a 266 pounder. They're both women, which is pretty awesome. A woman has never won the halibut derby here before.

In about a week, the pinks will start showing up, and there will be lots more people out and about trying to catch them, so hopefully it'll be easier to find people to talk to.

I went to a barbecue yesterday. With NEW PEOPLE I'D NEVER EVEN MET BEFORE. Are you proud of me? I'm proud of me. My newest coworker (I think she's been with us for about a month) and her husband had a bbq and bonfire out at their house, and were nice enough to invite me and another coworker (we were pretty much the only 3 people in the office this week, as the boss was in Disneyland). I knew the 3 of them, obviously, and had met Newest Coworker's sister, who is visiting from Texas, a couple times. There was a woman there who was in high school with me. She was senior when I was a freshman, and she remembered my name! I'm pretty sure we never spoke in high school, and I didn't remember HER name right off, though I thought she looked familiar. I was pretty shy in high school and spoke to maybe 5 or 6 upperclassmen the entire time I was there, so I don't know how she would know me...but she was really nice. So she was there with her kids, and then the rest of the people were people I didn't know.

I brought Summer and she had a blast playing with the 3 other dogs that were there, including an adorable little corgi puppy. I was there until almost 11. HEY MA LOOKIT ME I'M SOCIALIZING!

It's pretty gray and depressing today. Was raining earlier but not anymore, but there is a definite damp chill to the air. However, I'm not going to worry about it much because this summer has been about 50 times better than last in terms of weather. Last year, I shit you not, we had a total of 14 days where it didn't rain. 14 non-rainy days ALL SUMMER. This year has been WONDERFUL. But my hands are still cold.

It was definitely a comfort-food day. In addition to the grayness, I'm on the rag, so when I went to lunch I wanted something warm (conveniently forgetting that, though outside it was chilly, inside the studio it's always like 300 degrees). So I got some soup at the store (it was pretty damn good too, tomato and basil) and a cheese roll, then went back to the studio, propped the door open and turned on the fans, and savored my food slowly. I don't have anything so good here at the trailer, so I ate a bowl of granola for dinner and some microwave s'mores with a glass of milk for dessert.

I really don't want to go do Fishing Reports tonight. I want to curl up with Summer and my book and put on a movie in the background. Instead I'm going to go (as Nina puts it) do my dockwalker routine and try to talk to people who smell like fish. Wish me luck.

I like my new icon.
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I'm staying at mom's house while she's out of town, and of course, Summer is staying with me.

As soon as I got home from work today, I decided that we should go for a walk. Most of the time, I don't put Summer on her leash (unless we're walking on the highway or something)...I just bring her ball along. When we're passing a place of potential interest to her, I keep hold of the ball and that keeps all of her attention riveted on me.

We didn't go all the way around the block...we went to the dry creek bed on the next street over. I'd toss the ball into the bed, and she'd retrieve it. Easy.

Across the road from the creek, there lives a lady who keeps geese and chicken. This lady can be sort of mean. She gets mad if you pick wildflowers on the side of the road...not even on her property! And when Beck and I were kids, her husband/boytoy/live-in dick SHOT a stray dog with a beebee gun. The local animal control officer doesn't even like her.

So, knowing all that I know about the lady, you can imagine my horror when my ASSLICKING BITCH OF A DOG took off after a chicken.

That's right, she brought the ball back, and before I could take it from her, she BOLTED across the road and into the woman's yard in pursuit of BARNYARD FOWL.

I ran after her, screaming. Summer chased the chicken around the house. I heard a window slide open and the lady called, "Do you have that dog on a leash?"

Just then, Summer came into view, HOLDING THE FREAKING CHICKEN IN HER MOUTH. I jogged towards her, as she stopped in the middle of the driveway and spit out the bird. It landed on its feet and walked away, clucking, seemingly no worse for wear, but minus the feathers my charming four-legged companion had stuck to her tongue.

I grabbed her and slipped her leash over her head. The lady asked that I keep her on a leash when going by her house. Considering how high her bitch-o-meter can get sometimes, I figure I got off light. I was afraid she'd demand that I pay for all the years scared off that chicken's life.

Anyway. Yeah. I am extremely pissed at my dog right now. She will not go leashless for quite a while.

On our way home, my old friend Matt stepped out on his porch to say hi. He and his family moved into the house two doors down from mom's earlier this year. His mom used to be my babysitter; we used to take baths together when we were babies. I haven't seen him for quite a while. We talked for about 15 minutes.

And tomorrow is setup for the Home Expo. Then, Saturday and Sunday, is THE HOME EXPO. I'm sorta stressed. I just want it to be over.
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My dog pissed me off tonight.

Normally, I can let her outside to go to the bathroom by herself, and trust her to come back. Maybe she won't come back the first time I call her, but within about 15 minutes of letting her out.

Tonight she was gone for 45 minutes, and it's bloody cold outside. I called her several times, then got in my car and drove slowly down the street, turned onto the highway and drove between the roads of my neighborhood, returned home to see if she was waiting at the door, and when she wasn't drove the mile around the block to see if she was visiting one of her doggy friends. I was really worried.

And then I returned to see her waiting patiently at the top of the stairs.

"HEY!" she said, wagging her tail. "Where ya been, mom? I'm cold, let's go inside! WANNA PLAY??"

I am shunning her. Wretched beast.
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So, earlier, while I was throwing the ball for Summer, I was picking salmonberries, not because they're particularily tasty, but because they were there and c'mon, how can you not pick fresh ripe berries?

I picked a couple big red ones, and then glanced over the first one to make sure there weren't any slugs on it.

Then I looked at the other one in my other hand.

One of these was on the berry. It was touching my hand.

I made a sound something like this: "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEbluhbluhbluhmee mee meeee" and threw the berry and the THINGY on the ground, where I believe Summer ate it.

And then I didn't pick any more berries.
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Just took Sum for a walk. I was almost home, on the street right before mine, thinking about what a nice, sunny, quiet day it was, when suddenly I heard, extremely close behind me, a horrible malevolent chuckle.


Heart leaping to my throat, I spun around, ready to defend myself, and...

it was [livejournal.com profile] getting_weary's father, Weber from next door.

"JESUS CHRIST" said I, while Weber laughed so hard he almost fell off his bike. "I'M TELLING YOUR WIFE!"

Weber said between gasps of laughter "It's too early for that shit, innit? I just couldn't resist!"

And off he went toward home, still giggling, and my heart rate finally calmed down about 5 minutes later.

Summer and I are gonna have a talk about her watchdog capabilities.
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I was supposed to sub this afternoon, but the teacher I was gonna sub for decided she felt better, so I got to stay home and...fold laundry. I still have the all day job and the evening cruise for tomorrow, though.

Okay, so...am I a bad person?

I let Summer sleep in my room last night, because I haven't let her do that for a long time. Then Ink sat outside my bedroom door and meowed for like 10 minutes. I felt bad for excluding him, but I NEVER let him sleep with me because he keeps me awake.

When I went to the bathroom at 6 am, he managed to squeeze into my room. I told him he could stay if he curled up somewhere and was quiet. What did he do? He made laps around my room, purring.

Let me explain.

First of all, he purrs like a freakin' motorboat, so he had kind of a Doppler effect as he traveled my room. A very very SLOW Doppler effect.


And he walked up my bed against my back, then laid down on the back of my hair and laid his chin on the back of my skull, purring, rattling my teeth in my head, and I think he was licking my hair.

He stayed there for about a minute, then he got up and walked around the top of my head, stepping on my hair, then he stepped off the mattress and walked around Summer, walked to the foot of my bed where my trashcan is and started CHEWING on the plastic bag.

I yelled at him, and he stepped back onto my mattress and sauntered back up toward my head. I tried to stave him off with my arms, but he just licked my hands until I put them down, at which point he walked around my head again (luckily without stepping on my hair too badly this time) and then past Summer again, at which point I AGAIN heard him chewing the garbage bag.

I got up and shooed him out of the room, and Summer followed, and then I got another hour and a half of sleep.

Okay. So. Am I a bad person to let Summer sleep in my room and not Ink?
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YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! My copy of Movies in Fifteen Minutes came today! I'm so exciting! Er...excited.

So, I took Summer with me to town this afternoon. She likes riding in the car, unlike our last dog (poor Buddy) who was miserable whenever he had to be in a car and would crawl under a seat and stay there until the car stopped. She did well while I went into the bank, the post office, back to the bank (refund check finally came), and the grocery store. Then I dropped by the med clinic to give Pam the $10 I owed her for doing my TB test. When I got back to the car, I opened the door and it became obvious that someone had uh...broken wind recently. "Holy Mother of GOD, Summer," said I, climbing into my seat. Then I realized that the dessicated core of an apple that I ate sometime last week and then tossed into the garbage bag was sitting on the seat next to me.

Me: "Look what you did."

Summer: *faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaart*

Me: O______o

So it seems my dog is a nervous farter.
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Earlier, I made a loaf of bread. I used yeast and everything. It took quite a while, because it had to rise and stuff. I made it for mom and Bunka who should be getting back tomorrow or so. It was Molasses-oat bread. After I took it out of the oven, I set it on a rack to cool and then went to Becky and James's for James's birthday party.

When I got home, it was on the floor, mostly eaten. Stale. Been there a while.

I haven't checked the rest of the house for chewed things, but I am very angry at Summer right now. I yelled at her and she's acting like I beat her with a two-by-four. The cat's been getting on my nerves, too.

I'm going to bed.
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I often wonder what happens with the animals when I'm gone for the day (and mom's not here). I imagine it goes a little something like this:

Me: *to Summer* Be a good girl! Stay and guard. *closes door, locks it*

Summer: *runs to the front of the house and jumps up in the bay window to look out* Odog odog she's leaving what should I do odog odog.

*realizes the cat's food is sitting in front of her*


Ink: *wanders in and flops on the floor* You ate my food again, didn't you?

Summer: Odog odog she's gonna be so mad at me so mad for eating the food the food that is not mine. Is she is she is she gonna be gone forever ever??

Ink: She'll be back in a few hours. Hey, wanna play some Texas Hold'Em?

Summer: She hates me hates me that's why she leaves me all the time. *sniffle* I so sad.

Ink: *eyeroll*

Then, when I get home:

Me: Hey, girl!


Me: ...You ate the cat's food.

Summer: Ono ono ono please don't beat me please don't kill me. *crawls on her stomach toward me*

Me: Bad girl.

Summer: *whimper* I banish myself banish banish. *runs and hides*

Ink: Hey. Bring on the food. That bitch ate all mine.
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Pictures of Summer just after she came home from the vet's two weeks ago (after getting spayed.)
Poor subdued girl... )
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More pictures of the doggeh!

Silly Girl )
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We're back! Mom drove the whole way up and back, so she's beat, and for some reason I'm tired too, but I am babysitting Ethan at 6 tonight. The service was nice (in a Baptist sort of way), though a little heavy on the prayers and hymns (which I guess could be defined as the Baptist sort of way...). It was really nice seeing my cousins, some whom I've not seen for several years. Last time I saw Elizabeth and Victoria ("The Queens," as we call them), they were 5 and 3...now they're "seven and a half" and "five and an inch." I asked if they remembered me and Elizabeth said, "Yes. Victoria, do you remember cousin Nelli? I fell asleep on her last time." I remember that, too. My arm hurt for 3 days.

My cousin who lives with Grandma and her daughter (who is very autistic) made it up from Oregon, and J. remembered my name and was very excited to see me again, and even held several conversations with me, which is progress, since she's usually very withdrawn. As soon as she saw me she said, "Melly! Melly!" and gave me a hug, and later when we all went to the house she said "Nelli! Play with me!" Her mom told me she'd be going "Nelli my cousin! Nelli my cousin!" before we got there, too.

The Queens and John (who is 8 or so, I guess...3rd grade, at any rate) were being very rambunctious last night in the chapel (after the service, during the potluck), and in the house where everyone except us was staying, and this morning when we went by to visit before coming home. The Queens' dad took the girls outside to play, since it was warm enough to snow, and I asked John if he wanted to go outside too.

Me: Aren't you going to go out and play with the girls?

John: *drily* I'm not really an Outside person.


It was really cold upcountry...-50 last night. It warmed up to about -20 this morning. Now we're back home, where it's a balmy 0 degrees farenheit. Ahh, blessed warmth.

We also took Summer with us, and I think she is glad to be home, too, where her paws don't hurt when she goes outside. I guess this would be where we annouce that we've decided to keep her (though mom says she may change her mind if Summer chews up anything vital).

I am very glad to be home.

P.S. Thank you all for your consideration and thoughts on my painting ideas. I believe I will do dancers, costumed either in authentic cultural dress or something a little more fantastic. I may only do 2 larger paintings or one huge one, so I can get more detail in. *hugs*

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