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Fourth grade Kids Club was this past Thursday. Now, it seems like, whenever Kids Club comes about, I'm on here complaining about it.

Today is no exception.

Actually, I don't dislike Kids Club. Sometimes I think I do, but I don't.

What I mean is, I enjoy the thought of Kids Club, and I like most of the kids who come to read. But, just like everything in life, it's not all good.

Out of the maybe 25 kids who encompass the participants in the recording sessions, there are about 3 or 4 who make me thoroughly uncomfortable. And by uncomfortable, I mean I want to throttle them.

This one girl whines all the freakin' time. I just want to say, "You know what? Don't bother coming here, if you're going to be so unpleasant." And a couple times I've said something along those lines to her (well, it was more like, "If you don't want to be here, you don't have to be. The door is right there.") The problem with her is that she'll show up and, for the first half of the session, be completely pleasant. She smiles, participates...she's a good reader, too. Good enunciation.

Then I think she starts getting tired or something, and Whiny McWhinypants appears. I asked the kids this time to come up with some ideas of things they want for a theme for next month's session. First, she said she didn't want to do it, because she "hates thinking up things." I told her she didn't have to.

A couple minutes later, I was handing out paper to write ideas on, and asked if she wanted to do it, and she said yes. As we brainstormed, she whimpered, "I can't think of anything."

I said, "Well, you don't have to do it if you don't want."

And she snapped, "I WANT to do it, I SAID I just can't THINK of anything!"

Well, okay there, Scary McYellybutt.

The boss told the kids to come up with things they want their parents to know about (one girl said, "Mom, I'm starting to like boys.") Another girl said, "Ooh, how 'bout driving safety! Like learning to drive!"

Cranky McWhinerson (in the snottiest voice possible): "Our parents already KNOW how to drive. They have drivers licenses!"

"Hey," I said. "No naysaying, please." I doubt she knows what "naysaying" means, but I couldn't think of another way to say SHUT YER HOLE, ANNOYING GIRL without actually, you know, saying it.

After work, mom and Chaz took me out to Thai food. They picked me up at the trailer. As I slumped in my armchair, mom asked "How was work?" And I immediately went into a rant about whiny little Bratz doll wannabes. Mom turned to Chaz and said, "Oooh...I forgot it was Kids Club day. You shouldn't talk to her on Kids Club day."

Heh. I didn't realize I was that cranky.


Jun. 30th, 2007 08:03 pm
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I went to the docks and talked to some people for the Fishing Report. Our goal each time we go out is to talk to at least 3 people (or 6 in a week). We get $2 for each interview over 3 we get in a night.

So yeah, I talked to 5 people. First one was a woman, and it was fine, then a guy about my age, probably, who was BORING and monosyllabic, then another guy, then another guy, then another guy.

The last guy I talked to was AWESOME. Actually, the last 3 guys were pretty good, but the last one was the best interview of the night, I thought.

So, I bid them goodbye and drove back to the station so I could download the audio onto the computer and save it.

What's this?


Yeah, only 4 tracks.

And of course the one that's missing ISN'T Mr. Monosyllabic, it is, in fact, the last guy I talked to, the BEST OF THE LOT, MIGHT I ADD.


He told me that he's heard me on the radio before, that he listens to the Fishing Report, and he will probably keep listening to the radio now to try to hear himself but HE WON'T HEAR HIMSELF BECAUSE HIS AUDIO TRACK IS MISSING AND I DON'T KNOW WHY.

I honestly almost feel like crying. It might just be because I'm hormonal, but I don't want him thinking that I just didn't keep his interview for some reason. I don't want him to listen to the radio day after day thinking "Gosh, why have I not heard myself? Did that girl not like what I said?" I feel guilty even though I'm pretty sure it wasn't my fault...I'm (almost) 100% I had the recorder on, because I went from Guy #4 to him pretty immediately, I wouldn't have turned it off then unless I had a mega brainfart. I just have no idea where that audio could have gone.

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I'm back from Tok. It was good to see everyone again. My uncle got his questions about why I don't have a boyfriend out of the way early, so at least I didn't have to worry about that. That's not to say he stopped teasing me, of course, because that'll never happen.

The party was fun. I didn't know a lot of the people, but it was good to see the ones that I did know, and I haven't seen my grandma in a couple years at least. She'll be 94 next month.

I went outside with the kids at some point to watch them on the playground. About 11 years ago, my aunt and uncle took on a foster child from the village there. So, while I'm not blood relatives with many people in that area, I'm my foster cousin's cousin, thus I'm related to everyone in her family, and everyone in that village is related to everyone else.

One of the girls (she looked about 10) asked, "Are you our auntie or our cousin?"

I started to explain what I said above, then realized that was stupid, and said, "Just call me cousin."

A few minutes later (and here's a blow to my pride) she called to me, "Will you catch Shirrai on the slide, Granny?"

I blinked. "Cousin."

"Oh, yeah!"

Heh. I know she's just used to talking to Granny and it wasn't anything personal, but it gave me a little pause. I was introducing myself to the kids by my name, but then it occurred to me that they don't call their elders by their names ANYWAY, no matter that I'm not really an elder - they call them all "Auntie" or "Uncle" or "Cousin" or "Granny."

My cousin John (who is just finishing up 4th grade) did pretty good at the party. Being surrounded by people who are primarily at least 18 years older than you can get tiring for a kid. But by the time 4 o'clock rolled around, and the party was winding down and people started getting tired, he was lying on the couch in the corner moaning repeatedly into a pillow "I. WANNA. GO. HOME. I. WANNA. GO. HOME." I told him a couple times that, since his mom was the one who coordinated the party and had to clean up and close down the Center afterward, it would probably be a while before he could go home, but that didn't deter him. It got a little embarrassing when there was a lag in the conversation and we could clearly hear his voice throughout the room. His mom ended up taking him home and then coming back.

Anyway, the real fun came after I got back to my trailer.

The water behind my washer has been running all winter, because the handyman put a "splitter" in. Basically, that means that there's a trickle of water running back there (into a pipe) all the time, to keep the pipes from freezing. Most of the time, people here have to leave a trickle of water going from their kitchen or bathroom faucet in the wintertime. Frozen pipes are a bitch. With the splitter, even if I forgot to leave the water going in the sink, the pipes wouldn't freeze because of the water behind the washer.

Anyway, I got home and wandered into the bedroom (which shares a wall with the bathroom) and stepped into a wet spot about the size of my fist.

"Oh dear," mused I.

I had noticed that spot being damp before (not wet) but assumed it was just a little condensation, because it didn't seem to stay damp all the time.

I went behind the washer and tried to turn off the water using the valve. It wouldn't turn off no matter how I twisted it - I could still hear it running. I thought maybe it just had to run itself out, so I took a shower, then tried again. Nothing. So I went into my bedroom - and the wet spot had grown! It was now 2 wet spots, and they were getting bigger!

"Oh, my," thought I.

So I called my good friend [livejournal.com profile] getting_weary, because her husband owns a plumbing store. She called his cell and had him stop by on the way home from work.

Long story short, after stopping by and trying to figure out what was wrong, he diagnosed it as a pinhole leak behind the vanity with the sink, not the washer. But the water still wouldn't shut off! And the shutoff valve is beneath the trailer! AND THE "ACCESS PANEL"* IS STUFFED WITH CARPET PADDING AND BOARDED UP! WITH BOARDS! AND SCREWS! AND A REALLY BIGASS SPIDER!

So he unscrewed the thing and shut off the water.

Meanwhile, I had talked to my landlord (who is in California at the moment) and left a message for her handyman.

At least the lake in my bedroom isn't growing anymore. But there is no water.


But never fear, my WONDERFUL friend [livejournal.com profile] getting_weary and her WONDERFUL husband who doesn't have an LJ but is, in fact, The Real Handy Man, are letting me stay with them tonight, and my landlord's handyman will be taking a look at my trailer tomorrow morning.

So. Yeah. How was your weekend?

*The access panel is supposed to be easily accessible - The Real Handy Man informed me that the one on their trailer is a little door with hinges. The one on MY trailer is more like a jagged hole plugged with soft materials (which themselves are glued to the trailer with squirt-on foam stuff) and then boards. Because EVERY PROBLEM HAS THE CAPABILITY OF BEING AN ADVENTURE! And we mustn't make the access panel too ACCESSIBLE, after all, THAT'S NOT WHAT IT'S THERE FOR!
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I cannot stand that song "Lips of an Angel" by Hinder. It wasn't always this way...there was a time when I could tolerate it, even thought it was pretty the first dozen times I heard it (even with the stupid emo cheatin' lyrics) but then they played it on the radio OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER again until I just got. SICK. of. it.

So someone please tell me, PLEASE, why Jack Ingram saw fit to do a cover of the song? PLEASE tell me why, when I switched from the popular music station and one its cookie-cutter songs this afternoon to the country music station, I was suddenly subjected to LIPS OF A FREAKIN' ANGEL sung with a country twang??

I love country music. Hell, I even like some of the pop music out there. BUT I HATE THAT SONG WITH THE FIERY PASSION OF A THOUSAND SUNS AND IT MUST BUUUUUUUURN.

Hm. Maybe this is what I get for working at a radio station.
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It's a little thing but it annoys me.

I hate it when I'm at work, and I answer the phone (Hello, KVAK Radio.) and the guy on the other end goes, "LAURIE."

Is it SO HARD to say, "Hi, may I speak to Laurie please?" or "Is Laurie there?"

So I offer to take a message, he says he'll call back, and I say, "Okay. Goodbye." and he goes,"GRUNT," and hangs up. THE HELL??? ARE YOU A FREAKING NEANDERTHAL?

And it's always the SAME FREAKING GUY.

It just IRRITATES me, is all.
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Okay, I appreciate that it's quirky and everything, and obviously they have a right to do whatever they want in their own yard, even if it is really disturbing. But this is sort of a springboard for something that's really been bothering me lately.

It's not a new topic or anything, but what happened to the concept of religious freedom? I've been hearing all these stories lately about cashiers or customer service people saying, "Happy holidays" to a customer, and the customer jumping down their throat, saying things like, "There's only one true holy day in this month, and one day everyone will realize it!"

It's kind of scaring me. I know that most people are fairly sane when it comes to this sort of thing, but what if it's not a phase? This country was founded because the pilgrims fled England to get away from religious persecution. So what if it builds up to that point again? If we don't make some changes, I think that's actually possible in 50-100 years. So where will we go? Back to England? Mexico? Outer space?

It's entirely possible that this little blurb made absolutely no sense. I'm not bashing Christians. Some of my best friends are Christian. I'm speaking out against extremists. Maybe nothing I've said seems too extreme to anyone else, but it just strikes me as ridiculous when I hear about people getting all bent out of shape over something like Christmas. So people give gifts and like Santa Claus. SO THE HELL WHAT? It's a free country, people can celebrate how they like. So someone says "Happy holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas." Are they supposed to magically discern which people are Christian, which are Jewish, who celebrates Yuletide and who celebrates Kwanzaa? Makes no sense.

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I adore children. I really do.

At the moment, I'm watching Nanny 911. Families that have trouble controlling their kids call a group of professional nannies (all with proper British accents) and the Head Nanny sends the one she thinks will be most able to handle the situation.

This family...*facepalm* First of all, 6 kids in 7 years? Birth control, people. And if you can't control the ones you've got, please don't say "We're open to having more." Because YOU JACKASS, your wife stays home and takes care of them while you go to choir practice and director's meetings and your kids (let alone your wife) don't get to spend any time with you at all.

They just showed a clip of later in the show, when the wife FINALLY gets to leave the house for once to have a little me-time while her husband stays with the kids, and the husband said to the camera, "I don't WANT to stay home with the kids. There are more valuable ways that I could be spending my time." WELL, ASS. MAYBE YOU WOULDN'T HAVE TO STAY WITH THEM ONE AFTERNOON OUT OF EVERY DAMN YEAR IF YOU WEREN'T SUCH A FECKIN' HORNDOG. Freakin' pooper. HOLY SHIT THAT KID JUST ATE A WAD OF PAPER NAPKINS. These people...are just beyond...anything. Ever.

Cheezus rice. Please please please don't have kids unless you know how to take care of them.

On another note, I babysat again today. Very adorable baby.

And on ANOTHER note, as soon as I was done babysitting, I ran into town to visit one of my best friends who is in the hospital with what the doctor thinks is viral meningitis. She'll be fine, as they've got her on antibiotics.

Back to Nanny 911...OMF-ingG. The mother lets her 1-year-old climb up and down the steep stairs, lets her small kids do whatever they want while she just kinda spaces on the couch (including playing with scissors and putting books in the microwave), and her 8-year-old is left to parent her younger siblings. And the DAD...words cannot express how much someone needs to break his stupid guitar over his head. Gee, I'm sorry your family needs your attention. If your music is more important to you, maybe you should have thought of that before you knocked up your wife 6 FECKING TIMES. Not too busy for SEX, ARE YA? Gorram moron.
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So last night I chatted with one of the girls I used to work with at Merry Maids. The way the office was when I left was as follows:

Shar: Owner
Borky: Shar's son, office manager
Lacy: Secondary manager, on maternity leave
Alice: Terciary manager, standing in for Lacy as secondary manager
Felice: Used to be a captain, brought in temporarily as terciary manager

All these names have been changed, yadda yadda, and I am not sure of the actual job titles. These will do for now.

Anyway, so I talked to this girl yesterday. I already knew that Lacy had quit, deciding to just not come back after her maternity leave was over. Alice became permanent Secondary, and Felice became permanent Terciary. According to my information source, Alice was just fired. For sticking up for the girls too much.


The thing is, Alice didn't really stick up for us at all, and when she did, it took the form of cutting us a little slack when it came to cleaning times (i.e., not yelling at us when we took the time to clean properly as opposed to rushing through it so we could get to our next house.) All the girls complained about Alice being too harsh on us.

So how, pray tell, could she get fired for sticking up for us too much?

The way things are handled in that office are so ridiculous there just aren't words to describe it.

When Felice was brought in to be a Terciary, no one told her it would just be temporary. She turned down a really good job elsewhere so she wouldn't let the office down, and they were ready to screw her over. The only reason she is in the office right now is because Lacy quit and now that Alice is fired as well, Borky needs someone there to watch the office while he does whatever he does for the rest of the day, after he spends his obligatory 3 hours at his desk, griping about how clumsy the girls are when someone knocks over a lamp and breaks a bulb or something.

I am so glad Keels and I got out when we did.

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