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Today was my last regular run on the boat. I do work on Tuesday and Wednesday, but tomorrow is the last official day of the season and I'll be in Anchorage with [livejournal.com profile] getting_weary.

We had...an AWESOME day. The best part was the huge pod of orcas we found. There were probably at least 30 altogether, with three big males in the distance, and like 18 females and calves traveling in a tight group. The group of them came under the boat several times, and when they would come up to blow you could hear them squeal. They were tail-lobbing like crazy, and doing barrel rolls and slapping their pectoral fins on the water, and one did a really pronounced spyhop, and one of them breached twice. Then there was one of the big males who was porpoising COMPLETELY out of the water and flinging a salmon in front of him.

And we got all the way to the face of Columbia Glacier.

So, yeah. AWESOME.
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Today was pretty much YAY.

I was on the short trip, so I didn't have to get up till 9.

The weather was loverly today, sunny for the most part, and FLAT in the Sound.

And we saw orcas. Oh yes.

True, we had to go about 8 miles out of our way, then back, so 16 miles we wouldn't have otherwise had to travel, but it was worth it.

It was a big pod, really spread out, so we focused on one big crookedfin male and a cow and calf. They came right under the boat several times.

We DID have 120 people on board, thus making it a little hard to get to the sides to look down, but I did have the opportunity to watch the cow and calf from the lower stern deck, and they started coming toward us, and I could see them under the water as they passed RIGHT UNDERNEATH where I was standing. The cow was swimming upside-down, so I could see her white underbelly glowing just beneath the water. Then they came up next to the boat and the calf started tail-lobbing (flinging his tail around and slapping it on the water) and the cow spyhopped a few times. It was so much fun.

And yesterday, we saw an otter eating an octopus almost twice his size. He was ripping off chunks and swallowing them like he'd never get another meal.

And we have two otters in the harbor, and they're named after two of our crew, who are brothers, Jordan and Ben. But because we think the otters are females, their names are Jordana and Bengina (which is NOT pronounced "Benjeena"). Chip got pretty close to one today, and he told Ben that he'd almost touched it, and Ben said, "I'll kill you if you touch Bengina!" Odd sentence.
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We saw orcas again today. Yay! It was a pretty nice day all around.

Ryan and Cap'n John convinced some poor 8-year-old girl that Ryan's given name was "Diva Boy," that I was his mother, and that Charles was his brother. I came into the galley where she was talking to Charles and Susan and she asked me, "Are you Diva Boy's mom?"

Me: ...Yes.

Little Girl: Will you make him dance?

Me: Uh...okay. *follows the little girl upstairs, where "Diva Boy" and John are looking quite smug.

Little Girl: *whispers* I think they're lying.

Me: I think you're a very smart little girl.

Little Girl: *plants herself next to Cap'n John, folds her arms, stares at him* If I was your mother, I'd ground you! For two years!

John: Two years? I'm GLAD you're not my mom! I think you made the right choice when you decided not to have kids.

Little Girl: *whispers to me* Is his name really Diva Boy?

John: *overhears* I've seen his birth certificate. It says "Diva D. Boy."

Me: His name is Ryan.

Little Girl: *glares at Ryan* Well, hello, RYAN.

Ryan: I don't know what you're talking about. That's not my name.

Then it was time to dock the boat, so I went downstairs.

Okay, and one more thing.


If you rent a pair of our (sorta crappy) binoculars, PLEASE don't give them to your 3-year-old for the day and let him run around with them, drag them on the ground, swing them into walls, and bang them on the floor. The reason they suck is because people keep DOING that.

Bite me, and have a nice day.

Your friendly crew chief. (No, I'm not a stewardess. No, I'm not the captain. No, you do NOT have permission to come aboard.)
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We saw orcas today. Twice.

A resident pod.

3 big males with crooked fins, a couple females, and a baby.

They swam right under our bow.


Yes, you may be jealous now.

Also, we had kids on the boat. One little girl, I wanted to throw over the side. Her parents were nowhere in sight, and I had to tell her numerous times to not run, not to lay in the aisle, not to climb the poles, not to stand on the seats. These people stopped me at one point and said, "Miss, you really need to find that girl's parents. She's being a little pain." and I was like, "Oh! I thought she was with you!" because she'd been hanging around them all day. So I took her to her mom and told her she needed to stay with her the rest of the day. Unfortunately, that was like an hour before we got back to port. Oh, well.

But seriously, people. WATCH YOUR FREAKING KIDS.
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Okay. My day.

Late starting the first meal service.

Interrupted by transient orcas 2 minutes into the meal service.

5 minutes later, lady tells us that there is water pouring out from underneath one of the head doors.

Toilet is spewing water. Turn valve off, lock door.

Captain's microphone stops working. He cannot let everyone know what they're looking at. Therefore, in between all our other duties for the rest of the day, we're also having to walk around and tell people what we see.

Chowder is late getting started.

Bullhead is rolly.

Chowder is 30 degrees below temp. Therefore we have to pour the chowchow into bins and microwave it till it gets to temp.

2 minutes into soup service, a humpback shows up, interrupting us. AGAIN.

One cool thing: while I was out on the bow, the humpy surfaced 4 feet away. Fer real. Scared the bejeezus out of me, though.

And then we were doing dishes the rest of the way into town.

I told Chip that if he EVER AGAIN starts out a day by saying, "This is gonna be a bad day," I will strangle him and throw his body overboard.

I am in full-on Bobby Pin Stage*.

*Bobby Pin Stage: In reference to a time when my mother was young and her family was packing for a vacation or a move or something. Everything was ready to go, and my grandma was wandering around, lost, with a bobby pin in hand, wondering where she should put it. In short, a state of mind where even the smallest, simplest tasks take on Herculean proportions.

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