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Hello, everyone.

This is my mom's book.

By that, I mean she wrote it. She's been working on it for 15 years. It's about my dad's time in the hospital, in the 8 months between his accident and his death. I've read it, of course, in the process of proofreading it. I found it interesting because, even though I lived it, my memories of that time are mostly of playing with Charley in the hospital solarium, and being stuck in the fresh hell of a new junior high school. So this book gave me the chance to see that time through my mom's eyes, and everything she had to deal with at my dad's side.

It's finally published, available, out there! And we are all so very pleased! If you know anyone who enjoys reading books about normal families and life and tragedy, or if (heavens!) you are such a person yourself, please pass the word along!

On a related note, does anyone (Sofia, I'm looking at you) know anything about how libraries choose their books? If I were to buy a copy of this book and offer it to my local library, do you think they would take it and actually make it available on the shelf? Or would it just go into one of those library exchanges?
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Scary Psycho Soccer Mom

Mom accused of driving son to fight boy

What the hell )

This lady has to be seriously messed up to think doing something like this is a good idea. "I think I'll drive Jimmy to beat up Little Petey, then I'll make macaroni for dinner!"
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Mom and I are back from our mini-trip.

Yesterday we drove toward Sauk City and stopped at the Madison Zoo, though it was kinda late when we got there and only an hour before closing, so all we really saw were the 5 lion cubs (very cute, about half grown, jumping on each other and chewing each other's ears) and the parent lions, a bunch of Colobus monkeys and some ring-tailed lemurs, rhinos, giraffes, and bison. But that's okay. We went to the capital building and went inside (where the guard glared at us) and walked all the way around the outside. Then we went on, and stopped at Olive Garden for dinner because mom'd never been there.

We got to Suellen's house around 8:30 last night and she and Andy had gone out, so we went in and made ourselves at home, and then when they came home we talked for a long while. It was nice to see them again and Suellen is the nicest person in the history of the world.

Then this morning we went to the Wollersheim Winery Grapestomp Festival 2005! It was fun. We tasted wine (and bought an entire case of River Gold) and watched a Kid's Circus and a couple competitive grape stomps. Then on the way home, we stopped at the Frank Lloyd Wright visitor's center and drove by the House on the Hill, but didn't see much. It was a very nice little trip.

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