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I don't remember much about my dream last night. Nathan Fillion was in it, which is the most important part.

I think we lived in some sort of commune...? Or something...? There were a bunch of people in a big house. At one point, we had to hide in a hidden room in the attic. I'm not sure why. But apparently I decided that I wanted to sneak down to the kitchen and get a snack. When I got there, there was a little girl in a pinafore standing with her back to me.

Me: Uh...hi, there.

Little Girl: *turned around, cocked her head* Did you know that when you drink bleach, you die?

Me: ...yes.

Little Girl: *giggled* All the people in town didn't know that!

Little Boy: *came down the stairs from the attic* Those people up there didn't know that, either.

Me: Uh...

And then, Leonard Nimoy came staggering down the stairs, looking quite pale. "Kill them! They made us drink bleach!"

And suddenly Nathan Fillion, looking none the worse for wear from the bleach drinking, flew down the stairs and did something that made the evil children disappear, and then we lived happily ever after.
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[livejournal.com profile] getting_weary posted this on her LJ, and I thought I'd pass it along to you all. Poor doggy!

Dog Sleep Runs Into a Wall
This dog tries desperately to catch a dream frisbee, and almost knocks himself back to sleep.
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I dreamt last night that I was watching the movie Xanadu. This might not be so unusual except I've never seen Xanadu and had no idea what it was about, and, after reading the blurb on imdb, it's not the movie I watched after all.

I know that's confusing, but bear with me.

All I'd heard about Xanadu was "It was made a long time ago and it has something to do with roller skates." My brain translated that into "It was made in the 60s and involves teenagers and zombies." Okay, then.

At the start of my dream, I was going to watch the movie, but as soon as it started, I was actually IN the movie and it wasn't a movie any more but reality. There were a bunch of teenagers in a huge abandoned house (or rather, a bunch of 20-somethings playing teenagers) and we were having a party.

Somehow, we all split off into smaller groups of 2 or 3 and I wandered off my myself (NEVER DO THAT IN A HORROR MOVIE). People started being found broken in half and stuffed in chests. The house was quiet. I came across a girl with long brown hair who introduced herself as Megan. We started chatting and became friendly. At one point, we were in the bathroom, talking and fixing our hair in the mirror. We'd left the bathroom door open.

One of the other houseguests, a girl, suddenly danced into view across the room outside the bathroom door. I say "danced," but it was really a gruesome parody of a dance; she looked like a huge puppet. Her arms were up and her legs were flailing, her head was lolling back on her neck. There was no music.

I stared at her, disconcerted, and Megan turned around and looked at her too. The dancing girl started coming closer, and Megan turned back to look in the mirror. She screamed.

Reflected in the mirror, the girl wasn't a girl, but a woman in her 40s. Her eyes were milky and she was staring at us. Megan whispered, "Mom?"

Megan had explained to me that her mom had died a couple weeks before. She spun around and asked the dancing girl, "Who are you?"

The girl stepped into the shower and turned on the water. It beat down upon her hair and face and she said, "Megan dear, I'm your mommy! See how young..." she tossed her hair "...and beautiful I am now?"

"You're not my mom!" Megan exclaimed. I don't know where I was for all this...presumably huddled under the counter in a fetal position.

"Of course I am. In the hospital, I drank her blood. Now we think with the same brain!"

At this point in the dream, I said, "THIS MOVIE IS RIDICULOUS."

Megan tried to leave the bathroom, but there were two zombies in suits in the room. They were on the other side of the room and didn't seem to be moving very fast. Truth be told, I was more freaked out about the dancing girl, even if I thought her claim of being able to share a brain after drinking someone's blood was bogus.

About that time, I had to pee, so I woke up. I was a little disappointed that there weren't any rollerskates in my dream.
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I had another action-film dream last night.

What I remember isn't much, but I was on a plane that was actually more like a boat. It had a deck on the back part and people were up and moving around. We were flying over the Port of Valdez (which seemed much bigger than usual). I wasn't working on the plane, but for some reason I was helping out.

Anyway, we were flying along blithely, on a beautiful day. I was out on the deck with a few other people, gazing behind us toward the mountains. There was another plane flying in front of the mountains, perpendicular to our course, several miles away. All of a sudden, it started shooting flames from the back end and went into a dive, eventually crashing into the water. I started to run back inside, to tell the pilot/captain of our plane that we had to call the authorities, but when I turned toward the front of the plane, I realized that we were about 5 seconds away from crashing into a building!

I didn't really think, I just spun and sprinted to the back end of the deck, and as the plane crashed into the building, I jumped. We weren't really that far up (compared to how high planes usually fly) and we were above the water. I splashed into the water as the plane went up in flames behind me.

Of course, the entire time I was feeling guilty because I hadn't tried to save anyone, but what could I have done in 5 seconds? Not a whole heck of a lot.

Anyway, I immediately swam to shore, which really was RIGHT THERE, hence the building. I figured some sort of electro-magnetic phenomenon had occurred that caused both my plane and one I'd been watching to lose control of steering or radar equipment or both. I ran to the smoldering wreckage, which, despite having burst into flames as I jumped, was NOT on fire. It actually wasn't even too badly crumpled. I went inside and started shaking people awake. Amazingly, no one was dead or seriously injured.

I don't know about the people on the other plane, though.

Anyway, about that time, I woke up with a bad headache. I had gone to bed last night with a headache, and they usually disappear as I sleep, but this one got me up at 2:30 because it hadn't dimished at all. I remember thinking, during the dream, "I have a headache. I should keep sleeping, because then it will go away. But I AM sleeping, and it's not going away. I should take something for that." So I got up and stumbled to the kitchen. Luckily there was water in my water bottle (I don't think I could have sussed out how to use the faucet at that hour) and took a couple Ibuprofin, then went back to bed. It took a while to get back to sleep, but I awoke again at 8:45 with no trace of my headache, so it was all worth it.
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I dreamt last night, but once again I've put off writing about it for so long most of the dream has flown from my head.

I do remember walking on a road through the woods with several other people. We were friends in the dream but I think they were based on movie characters or something. It was dark and we carried rifles, hockey sticks, and plastic bags. It was nighttime.

Ahead of us, some dark shapes ran across the road and there was howling.


We'd run into a couple wolves earlier in the dream, but they had been relatively friendly and helpful. We didn't think these other wolves would be so helpful; it seemed they were hunting us.

So of course, all my "smart" dream companions melted into the woods to try and get the wolves before they got us. I was left to guard two younger people out on the road...in plain sight...and only a moon to see by.

Suddenly, a wolf materialised in front of us. Now, these wolves were not like actual wolves. They were people. Not exactly like were-wolves, the ones in the dream weren't dependant on the moon to be animals. They could talk and looked human, but were otherwise completely wolfy.

And the one in front of us looked like a guy I knew in high school.

Even as a wolf trying to kill us, I liked the dream version better than the real one.

Anyway, so this wolf leader was suddenly in front of me and my charges. One of them was holding a hockey stick, the other had the garbage bags. I held the rifle.

The wolf stared at us.

I raised the rifle and cocked it. "I don't think you want to come any closer."

The wolf raised his eyebrows. "Do you really think that thing can stop me before I kill you?"

"Maybe not," I replied. "But it'll sure sting."

He paused and looked at us, all three shaking in our boots. Then he laughed.

He said, "Keep going about another mile and you'll find what you seek."

For some reason, my companion offered the wolf a plastic bag, which he took gravely.

He tossed back his head and howled, then slipped back into the woods. We could hear the rest of the wolves howling and then only many footsteps until they faded from our hearing.

I never figured out where we were going or if my other companions came out of the woods alive, because suddenly...

I was in kind of a Princess Bride situation. That is, I'd been kidnapped by a short bald man and a giant, and another man who I never got a good look at. Presumably, he was a swordfighting Spaniard.

I had tried to escape several times, including once where I put myself in a giant hamster ball and used a catapult, but they always found me and brought me back. The last time, they took my shoes so I couldn't run off again.

Somehow, I managed to slip out the basement door when no one was looking and was halfway across the field when they figured out I was gone. I heard shouting behind me; it was the Vezzini character (who actually looked more like Danny Devito than Wallace Shawn).

Anyway, I'm not athletic or anything, but I'm still faster than Danny Devito.

So I sprinted across this field, into a thin line of trees, and came out in another field, which was right next to a highway.

As I booked it toward the road, I saw my mom and Summer on the grass. Mom was talking to an old lady who was trying to sell her apples while Sum ran around like a lunatic. I ran toward them, screaming at mom to grab Summer and get in the car and GET OUT OF THERE!

She grabbed hold of the dog and stared at me as I raced by. I reached the road at a break in traffic and ran right across.

On the other side of the highway, there was a little dropoff. Also, the terrain changed from field and forest to more like Alaskan interior. It was rocky and hilly but with very little vegetation, and nothing big enough to hid behind.

Luckily, Danny was apparently not smart enough to figure out that all he'd have to do was cross the road to find me.

I crouched down in the ditch and scurried along the side of the road, poking my head up every now and then to see if my pursuer was still there. I saw him trudging back across the field, but I still kept my head down as I moved.

At one point, I came across a busted-open suitcase. As my own clothes were torn and wet and dirty and quite recognizable, I took the opportunity to change into some khakis and a long-sleeved shirt. There was a jacket in the suitcase and a pair of sneakers, too. Yay! I remember thinking I had a long way to walk and that I had to head off across the wilderness, so I'd better get to it!

I never did find out their precise reason for kidnapping me. I wasn't engaged to a prince or anything, so killing me wouldn't have started a war or anything.
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Now for a dream I had last night. Tonight's episode of Supernatural is a rerun about a town whose children have been taken and replaced by evil changelings, and my dream was apparently based somewhat on that episode.

Dean Winchester (extremely hot older brother of the Winchester duo) and I, along with some other guy and ten 9-year-old girls, were in a big spooky house. The girls were having a slumber party and the guys and I were there as chaperones, for some reason. We also knew that there was something evil the house and that it could take the form of little girls, but we didn't know how to tell WHICH little girl it was.

As we were getting ready to play games, the mysterious owner of the house, a little girl named Alison, showed up. She was kind of bossy ("First we're going to play this game, then we'll do this one...") but we figured we'd just let her do whatever.

Millie, a little redhead whom I recognised from Kids Club suddenly fell ill. She had a tummy ache and her legs were spasming. I took her into the bathroom to check out her legs and she told me she wasn't really sick, she'd just wanted to get me away from the other girls to tell me "Alison isn't really Alison."

I asked cautiously, "What do you mean?"

She said, "When I look at her, I don't see a little girl. I see an old lady, and she's all covered with gooey black spiderwebs."


I took her back out to the other room and told all the girls we were going to take Millie to the doctor, so everyone get on your coats and shoes. While they were occupied, I whispered to Dean what Millie had said.

Then I woke up because my stupid dog had to go outside.

All day, I've been convinced that Alison was indeed the evil in the house, but when I told mom about my dream, she told me right away that it was Millie, which was something I hadn't considered before. My mama's so devious.

Also, I was a little disappointed that I wasn't able to get Dean alone at any point during the dream. Damn.
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So I had this dream last night about a giant carnivorous pinniped. I was going to a school (I don't know why, I wasn't a student...I think I worked there) and there were, of course, snow banks all around. It was dark, and I was walking.

I heard a noise to my left, and I glanced over, and coming (very swiftly) down a snowbank were two sea lions. I noticed them a split second before I noticed they were following in the wake of something HUGE. Now, sea lions are not exactly petit, but this thing dwarfed them. It was another of their sort, but didn't have the right coloring to be a sea lion. It was about the size of an elephant seal, but lacked the huge shnozz.

So, here's the thing. Of all the animals that I've seen when I've been out on the boats, sea lions are the ones I would LEAST like to be in the water with. Their eyes are fathomless, and you just know they would absolutely not hesitate to rip you to shreds if they felt like it. Not that they'd eat a person, but they could do some damage, even if they were just trying to play.

Anyway, I saw these three pinnipeds slip-sliding down the hill, and just as I saw the Big One, the Big One saw me. I knew without a doubt that this was no ordinary critter. This one had some sort of crazy blood lust on it. I took off running toward another snow hill. The school was just on the other side. I knew this thing could beat me running on a flat surface, but I hoped that I could climb a little faster on snow. Not to mention, I was quite a bit closer to the hill.

I could hear it running after me.

They don't move all that quickly or gracefully, normally. But this one was coming fast. I didn't dare look back.

I crested the hill and literally fell down the other side (didn't drop my bag. Was very proud). I sprinted toward the doors of the school, screaming. I wrenched open the double door, hurtled through it, and smack-dab into the principal of the school.

The door closed just before five and a half tons of killer sea mammal smashed into it at full speed. For some reason, the glass didn't break. The Big One "stalked" back and forth in front of the doors, making sounds like a banshee.

And apparently, though there was already some sort of SWAT team in the school, they were unequipped to deal with the thing, so they just stood there.

Later on in the dream, as I was talking to one of my coworkers at the school, I learned that very few of them actually believed my story (even though I had WITNESSES, DAMMIT!) Then she said she wondered if my pursuer was responsible for the death of one of the kids in the school, who had apparently been found decapitated in the parking lot, and his head long gone.

Okay, is that not FREAKY?

I went back to the doors to see if it was still there, and saw only its backside as it ambled out of sight. Never found out what happened to it (or its sea lion companions, who I figured were like henchmen).
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I had a strange dream last night. Of course I don't remember many of the details, but Becky and mom and I went to my aunt's house together, except it was also a hotel. And we had to scrub the walls and ceilings. And also there was a creature (which I'll call Herbert) that was, essentially, a very tiny shrew with insect wings. Actually, Herbert started out as a regular sized shrew that we thought was something like a cockroach (until we got a good look at it and realized it was furry) and by the end of the dream, it was only the size of a mosquito.

And then there was a sign on a door and it said "NO BOOKWORMS ALLOWED" and we realized that Herbert was, in fact, a bookworm, despite being 1)a shrew, 2)not wormlike in any way, and 3)not interested in books for any reason.
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You know, I really need to start going to sleep earlier, because my eyes are not wanting to stay open. Meh (almost typed "Men." That, too).

So, had a dream last night. I don't remember much about it. I think I was in some sort of boarding school or something. At one point, the school was overrun with bad people. Not bad like EVIL VILLAIN WHO EAT CHILDREN, but like people who come in under the guise of making positive changes and it turns out they are using the school as a cover for illegal operations and will not tolerate anyone getting in the way. That didn't really figure into the dream much, except that myself and a few friends were the only ones who were able to escape. We got into a kind of large traveling barrel (we had to run inside of it to make it move) and set off toward the hills.

There were asteroids crashing down around us (we would watch as they flared up brightly and we could see where they landed from the clouds of dust they sent up. Mostly, they were fairly small and landing a mile or two away, but there was one that, when we were at the bottom of a foothill, crashed into the hill a few hundred feet above us, then bounced and hurtled past our heads. It was a close call!

We were headed (for some reason) to an abandoned warehouse on the other side of the hills. When we got there, it turned into a video game, where you had 12 dwarves in a traveling barrel, then inside the warehouse, there were countless steps and passages and ghosts and beasties. That part was seriously creepy. Then a bad guy, who apparently knew where we'd been headed and had come to tie up the loose ends, popped out of the woodwork. He actually said "RAAAH!" We pushed him off of the steps.

Then my stupid alarm went off and here I am. I have to work today, work tomorrow, then on Sunday (one of my days off) I told my boss's husband that I would help with inventory at his store. I helped with it last year, too, and got a $100 gift certificate. Not bad. It's a good store.
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Last night I had nightmare. It didn't start out as one.

I was walking with Nina (who was a combination of Becky and Keely as well) and Summer and Zoe (Ni's dog). We were walking in an unfamiliar neighborhood...looked like it was somewhere down south. There were no mountains to be seen.

We found a tunnel, and for some reason, took off our shoes and crawled into it. We left the dogs at the entrance. We came out into a house.

It was a nice house. Very clean, lots of windows with sunlight streaming through. The furniture was white-washed and beachy-looking. It was dreamlike in that house, and completely silent.

We walked through the house, peering into rooms. We found ourselves in a child's room. It was bright and spotless. The bed was made, there were teddy bears lining one wall. It was a perfectly lovely room.

I started getting the heebie jeebies.

It was too, too perfect. And completely silent still.

Across the hall was another child's room.

Somehow I knew that no children occupied those rooms. Somehow I knew that whoever lived in the house had killed those children, as well as any else they came across.

I opened a door and peered down the hallway. It was not bright and clean like the rest of the house. It was dark and dusty, with unpolished wood floors that echoed and creaked.

I could hear music. There was a gramophone, and it was playing staticky 20s music. I realized that, though the house was completely silent, the music had also been playing all along.

I told Nina I wanted to leave. We found an open window that led to a balcony. The balcony had a ladder to ground level.

Summer and Zoe were waiting for us across the street with our shoes. As we put them on our feet, I heard the music again. It was coming closer. Down the street, a black Lincoln approached us, and the music grew ever louder. We started to run.

Every time we slowed down, we could hear the music again, always coming closer.

My heart was still beating hard when I woke up.
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Last night I had a rather alarming dream (though for once, it didn't involve zombies). I dreamt that I was going to take part in some sort of variety show. The alarming part was that my bit was a one-person dramatic play about dancing, in which I had to dance.

I don't dance. What I do is more akin to stomping and flailing. But for some reason, I forgot that fact when I decided to do the play, which called for some energetic combination of ballet and jazz and Flashdance-type moves.

But that wasn't even the bad part. The bad part was, on opening night, as the other acts did their thing, when I realized I had not practiced at ALL and had no idea what I had to do. You know that dream where you're naked in the school cafeteria?* It was like that.

So I had to come up with something else to do at the last second. I decided to do some impromptu comedy. Luckily for me, I got a reprieve. As I stepped onto stage, the audience got up and left the theater. Maybe some performers would be upset at that. Not me! Surely they'll all leave and let me off the hook!

Nope. A few minutes later everyone returned; someone had put a whale in the swimming pool (wasn't me, I swear!) and they'd all gone to see it.

I don't remember much about the actual performance, which is probably a good thing. But people clapped for me, which was nice (though they'd clapped just as hard for the 8-year-old who had forgotten half the words to the song she sang). Still, it's the thought that counts.

*I've never had that dream, personally. All my dreams involve zombies and dancing. Woo!
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I had another freaking zombie dream last night. These weren't runners, at least, but they did shuffle awfully fast. I don't remember much except that Summer woke me up at 4:30 and I was a little nervous opening the door, because the zombies could have been on the other side of it.

Now, how do zombies find their victims? Do they sense them, like heat-seekers? Or do they have to see them or hear them to know?

Stupid zombie dreams. I need a zombie-slayer dream or something. I'm pretty sure if I took one of those "Could you survive the Zombie-Apocalypse" quizzes, my chance for survival would be nil.
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I had a dream last night. I don't remember what it was about, though, except that it disturbed me. It seems to be my week for disturbing dreams; the night before, I had a dream about zombies. Now, I know I've mentioned before how much zombies freak me out. These weren't the slow, shuffling, semi-amusing zombies from Shaun of the Dead, either; they were fast, like the ones from 28 Days Later. I've never actually seen that one. I've avoided it, because even the shambling, practically unthreatening zombies from Shaun of the Dead scare me. I think I would never sleep again if I had to worry about zombies that could run.

In the dream, I was at the supermarket, in the checkout line. There were some Bad Sorts in suits who were quite obviously Up To No Good. Somehow, with my infinite brainpower, I managed to ascertain that they were about to unleash an army of zombies on the supermarket. I very calmly finished checking out and headed for the door.

As I got to my car, I looked behind me and saw the zombies walking toward the other entrance, on the opposite end of the store. Some of them saw me getting into my car and started toward me. It was like I was looking at them through a strobe light. First they were walking, then they were jogging, then full-on running. I slammed my car into reverse and headed out of the parking lot at a speed some might term reckless.

I woke up then because I had to pee. Luckily, most of the time when I have nightmares like that, I'm aware that it isn't real, so I don't panic too badly. It's still unpleasant, though, to dream about the walking dead, let alone the running dead.
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I had sort of an odd dream last night. I was a superhero named Firefox (think I've been spending too much time on the computer?) and I lived in a house with 4 or 5 other superheroes. Only thing is, we'd forgotten who and what we were, so we were living as normal people with certain deformities. I had orange eyes and one wing, and a pet cat. I don't remember what my housemates looked like.

But one of them went insane and locked us all in the house, intending to burn it down with the rest of us inside. We all escaped (with everything of value we had) and then something zapped us with some ray that made our superpowers and looks come back.

I escaped the house by jumping out a window and in that instant, my other wing grew and I flew to the ground. It was pretty cool. I don't know if I could shoot fire or something, though. I woke up.
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Oy. The dreams, they were weird.

I dreamt I was on the boat and some little kids ran forward on the bow and climbed over the railing and slid into the water, and the captain didn't believe me at first when I said "STOP THE BOAT, THEY FELL OFF!" And finally he turned around and we went back and then he was making EVERYONE get off the boat (and for some reason, Cap'n John was speaking with a very flamboyant British accent) and all the passengers had to climb off the boat into a secret tunnel under the water and onto an island which just HAPPENED to be King Kong's REAL home. And then that turned out to be a game show but we were on the boat again and I spotted a breaching orca, so I called it over by whistling and it turned into a little boy in a striped shirt, and I touched his skin and it felt like a tongue, bumpy and soft, and then everyone on board was eating crunchy suet bars made from rendered orca.

I was glad when I woke up.
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So I had some funkyass dreams last night, involving the most confusing train system ever.

Also, I dreamt I was in American Idol (despite the fact that the only AI season I ever watched all the way through was the first one) and that I was making progress...that is, until Paula Abdul went batshit and tried to kill me.

For some reason, I turned into an owl, and she was chasing me through the skies with a machine gun, screaming at me.

And the train system dream was odd. I think the trains were schools, or something...? And I had way too much luggage...? And I think we went to Munchkin Land...?!

Anyhoodle. Look, my internet still works!
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I dreamt about an earthquake and avalanche last night.

I was in the elementary school...I could tell it was the elementary school because of its location in relation to the rest of the town. It looked more like a house than a school, and it was really close to a mountain that isn't there in real life.

For some reason, a bunch of us were living in the school. It was weird. I shared a room facing the mountain with 2 or 3 other girls. A bunch of us were in the "living room," which had windows facing the mountain, and I glanced at the peak. There was snow blowing straight up from the summit. I said, "Holy crap, guys. Look at the way the wind is blowing the snow up there."

A few small clumps of snow hit the windows.

Another woman said "How odd."

A bigger clump of snow hit the window.

I noticed a wave of snow forming.

"Oh my god. That's an avalanche."

The wave started moving slowly down the mountain. I grabbed my roommates and we ran through the school screaming at everyone to get someplace safe. Then my roommates, who apparently weren't too bright, insisted on going into OUR room, with windows FACING the mountain, though I tried to tell them it would probably be safer to go into a room with windows facing the other way, so the snow couldn't get in.

Anyway, there were three of us in the room and we only had a sofa to hide behind.

As we waited for the avalanche, the ground started shaking. While it shook, we thought it was an earthquake, but I suppose it could have been the approaching snow.

Finally, the avalanche hit the school, of course it broke our windows, and covered us behind the couch. I had an arm in front of my mouth to protect my air supply. The shaking went on forever, it seemed, but finally it stopped and we were able to dig ourselves out. The snow in the room was surprisingly not very deep, and no one was hurt.

I remember calling my brother, who was home, and asking if he had felt the quake. He had, but was not worried about me. Jerk.
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I had a dream last night of which I don't remember much.

I was subbing in a music class, which wouldn't have been bad, but I didn't really know what we were supposed to do. Luckily, the kids were all pretty well behaved and told me they'd been singing songs from a songbook, so I got it out, we read through a song and then sang it along with the music on the CD.

At that point, the regular teacher, who was just about to leave on vacation, came in to see how we were doing. I told him we'd just sung a song and I was looking for another, and he singled out one of the boys and told him to sing the song for him, without music. He also wasn't allowed to read the words from his book. The teacher had apparently expected him to memorize them with a couple read-throughs. When the boy only remembered the first few words, the teacher started CHOKING him and yelling that he was a loser.

At first, I just stood there, staring. Then my brains kicked in and I ran over, karate-chopped the teacher's hand away from the boy's throat, and said "Get out GET OUT!" And I basically chased the teacher out of the room.

THEN, apparently, I was an outlaw, and there was a house with blood on the floors, and I could swim underwater, and then there was this guy who I'm guessing was a bodyguard (and he was kinda hot) but for some reason, not so versed in the art of camoflage. As we were underwater, I was wearing greenish-gray paint and scales and he was just wearing his white skin, and there were boats passing overhead. Every time one passed over looking for us, I'd have to basically get over him so his skin wasn't visible and we blended in with the seabed.

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Had a pretty neat dream last night. Of course, now it makes no sense at all. But here we go.

I owned a house. It was a HUGE house. I don't think I even knew how many rooms it had. There were a bunch of people living there when I bought it, and I let them stay. It was almost like a bed and breakfast or somthing. Most of these people were about my age, some a little older. There were a couple families.

Some sort of organization was part of the house. I would say a fraternity, but both men and women were involved. The head honcho of this organization was an elected official. I bought the house and joined the group sort of at the tail end of this particular honcho's reign, so to speak. When the brothers and sisters elected a new person, it was a man who was cruel and intolerant, and really just an asshole. A bunch of us who disapproved walked away from the group (but for some reason, I let them continue using my ballroom.)

One of the girls who had been living in the house before I bought it had to show me how one of the upstairs bathrooms worked. My room was right beside it, and she said something about if we wanted to use the faucet in the sink, we would first have to go to the kitchen and turn on some water there. The kitchen was like 3 floors away, so I was a little boggly, but apparently by "kitchen" she meant "random faucet outside the bathroom door."

Most of the dream was me getting used to my ginormous house (which seemed to be getting bigger), with occasionally forays into the ballroom to taunt the fraternity-cum-dictatorship. There was a boy who lived in the house, too. Several actually, but one rather interested me. In uh...an intellectual sense, of course *hem*. He was a little odd, though.

Anyway, at the end of the dream, all my friends who had left the frat and I rushed the ballroom. I hid in a closet while Mr. Dick Tater and his minions went into one of the equipment rooms to have a discussion about how best to take us out.

So we locked the door from the outside.

Someone suggested just leaving them in there until they had to resort to cannibalism, but we decided we should just call the cops because, in addition to being a bunch of assholes, Dick's group also dabbled in illegal activities.

And at the end of the dream, I got a smooch from Interesting Boy. YAY I'm progressing beyond hugging!

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